9 Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro in 2022 - Reviews, FAQS & Guide
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9 Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro in 2022 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

This post was most recently updated on January 3rd, 2022

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

9 Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro in 2022 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

Hey, gamer’s how have you been? well we know there is a little bit of heat between the gaming community we are seeing more and more people asking about the best thermal paste for PS4 Pro. 

The PS4 is an eighth-gen gaming console that features an AMD processor that includes two 28nm quad-core jaguar modules. it all together makes 8 x64 cores, coupled with an AMD Radeon processor that has 18 compute units and also features 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

We have read several reviews about people complaining that their PS4 suddenly crashes or stops working and shuts down. Even after troubleshooting the whole system, the users tend to find no solution.

If this is the same case with you then, there might be an issue of thermal throttling. And in the next moment, you’d be thinking about the best thermal paste for PS4. Well, no worries because here are an article on the best thermal paste for PS4 Pro 2021.

The need for thermal paste might be essential as the gaming components in the console gets hotter after a couple of hours. But let me tell you that there is a standard markup to use the thermal components. Usually, people change the paste within six months.

The curd pastes the paste and leaves it non-functioning that causing in increasing the further temperature of the device. So today in this article we are going to mention the 10 best thermal paste for PS4 pro. To reduce the temperature, the only possible way is to get a decent reposting session.

What are the different forms of thermal paste?

It’s very important to use the best thermal paste that works the best over your PS4. There are different options for thermal paste available in the market. The paste is one of the usable paste that is efficient for dissipating heat. The liquid metal is not child plays, you have to be professional to paste the solution over your PS4.

Since the liquid metal is conductive so you got to be careful with it. If mistakenly it spills over tour processors or the console components, it might damage the component by creating a burst of sparks. So, if you looking to buy a thermal past for PS4 Pro, pay attention to the following details.

We have also written buying guide for the best thermal paste for ps4 pro. So that you’ll have a proper idea about the feature that is important to look at when looking for the best thermal paste. Make sure you read out the buying guide.

So, without wasting further time here we jump to the 9 best thermal paste for PS4 pro

1.Noctua NT-H1

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

The Noctua NT-H1 stands very first on the list of best thermal paste for PS4 Pro. The pasteis best known for its pithing in cooling components and other devices. With this paste, the Noctua has made a home run by producing this. The Noctua NT-H1 takes the very position because of its outstanding thermal conductive properties.

Moreover, the thermal paste comes in a standard package with all the manuals and information labels attached at the back of it.

It’s a thermal paste made from ceramic which means that it will dry quickly, so you are free to fix the heatsink over the component after applying the thermal paste.

From reviews, we get to know that Noctua NT-H1 is high quality and performative thermal paste that is efficient in working and also saves you from unwanted hassles and re-application for at least a year. It’s a non-conductive paste, which that you don’t have to worry about the components getting damaged.

Talking about the temperature, there is a great drop of around 10% from the previous temperature. For example, if the temperature was 80 degree before using the thermal past after you apply the thermal paste, you will see a significant drop of 10, which means 70 degrees

  • Powerful Paste
  • Accessible
  • Uses liquid metal

2.Arctic silver 5

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

Arctic past is one of the popular pastes that comes with a cute baby look. This paste is good and has excellent capabilities to keep your GPU processors calm down and cool. When you use this paste on PS4 applications.

Using this paste on Console makes it more sensible to use on PS4 console. The PS4 console comes with a little breathing room and is less spacious. So, it’s a good choice for escalated temperatures.

On applying the paste over the console, the temperature drops to 7% that is incredible to keep the console cool. The paste is high density micronized silver that uses an enhanced thermally conductive ceramic property.

According to the reviews, paste gives a stable performance after applying it to the device.

Moreover, the thermal paste contains 99.99% pure silver particles, which makes conduction paramount. Another highlighting feature of this Arctic Silver 5 is 88 % thermally conductive that allows the paste to retain its life for a longer period. And how can we forget to mention the sub-compounds of this thermal paste.

The thermal paste contains sub-micron zinc oxide, aluminum oxide particle, and boron nitride which makes this paste more performative.

  • Has a 99% confidence level of success
  • The paste uses different combination for withstanding cooling solution
  • Micronized silver particles
  • Expensive

3.Thermal Grizzly conductonaut liquid metal  

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

If you have a good budget and are ready to spend for some real cash, then let me introduce you to the thermal grizzly conductonaut liquid metal. When money is not the main concern but the quality is then the best option is we came across is thermal grizzly conductonaut liquid metal.

The main reason it is listed this down in the list is the higher price tag it comes with. With this thermal paste, you can make the perfect use of alloy particle that helps ins lowering the higher temperatures.

This thermal paste got a strong history, Kryonaut is another best entity to handle higher temperatures and bringing them to a cooler state.

With thermal grizzly, the tiny pores over the heatsink will be filled. But the only feature that is not that appreciable is that it is metal liquid and liquid metal can be a perfect enemy for your device. If it’s spilled over any component. You also have to be care full when using this thermal paste.

These metal pastes are more active than non-metals paste and can cause more damage comparatively so be careful. It’s worth to mention the paste comes with a good amount of gallium metal, indium, and tin that pitch in high thermal conductive properties

On applying over the device, it was seen that the device had a perceptible decrease in the temperature of the console of about 20%. Speaking honestly, that a great change. Moreover, the packing is good, makes It easy to apply.

  • It uses Tin, gallium, and other metals elements
  • It uses the withstanding thermal solution
  • Contains liquid metal for conduction
  • Too much expensive
  • Needs to be handled carefully

4.Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

Another best thermal paste for PS4 pro, in terms of performance, the thermal Grizzly kryonaut is one of those compounds that systematically follows the criterion and fits perfectly for its functionality.

This thermal paste is not cheap, it’s an expensive option. But what makes it expensive is that it pitches in an amazing cooling solution that can create chaos.

The Grizzly Kryonaut is considered one of the best options for those who are looking for thermal paste for the PS4 Pro. Even if your PS4 is in the boost condition, the paste won’t wear off. Isn’t that impressive. The thermal paste offers excellent conductivity and offers long-term stability.

The metal paste doesn’t use any metal lining in the past so it’s safe from electrocution. So there will be electrical damage to other components.

  • Uses nonconductive particles.
  • Affordable
  • Lacks durability.

5.Arctic MX-4

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

The Arctic MX-4 stands as a suitable option in the list of best thermal paste for PS4 Pro for several reasons. First of all, they have been in the market for a while. The Arctic MX-4 thermal paste is great and easy to apply on the console.

It comes with a standard packaging with a bunch of features on the side. This package only contains Arctic MX-4 and nothing else. The Arctic MX-4 is a tube-like syringe.

The Arctic MX-4 is not the best as it doesn’t have the best scores among the other thermal paste options on the list. What the Arctic MX-4 best option is its price, it’s cheaper than other options on the list.

The highlighting feature of the Arctic MX4 is that you don’t have to worry about the spilling of thermal paste in the system as it’s not electronically conductive.

The paste indeed needs to be refurbished, because sometimes it lags in competition. When we are talking about the spreading of the thermal paste, this thermal paste takes a little longer in applying over the paste to the ground to itself properly. You will need to wait for a little longer about 10-15 minutes before you place the heatsink over the chip.

  • Cheap
  • Do not use liquid metal
  • Lags on flagship products

6.Gelid solution GC extreme

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

Gelid solution GC extreme is a good solution for your processor to overcome the overheating problem in your PS4 Pro. It comes with an ultimate solution to heat conductivity issues and is non-corrosive, non-toxic at all which makes it easy to use. The Gelid solution GC extreme offers a superior thermal conductivity when compared with other low-level thermal paste.

This paste is not an electrical conductor, so it’s easy to clean and apply. The paste offers a high durability performance. The lightweight carbon particle extends the durability of this paste.

With it, your processor can achieve excellent performance as its specialized inefficiency, and the non-curing paste with an easy installation is because of the lightweight.

  • High-performance
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with spreader
  • Need an only pea-size drop
  • Low availability

7.Thermaltake TG-7

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

The thermal take TG-7 is made up of diamond powder, that comes fixed inside the tube, which allows the maximum thermal conductivity performance.

This thermal paste allows the heat to transfer from the processor and cool down the overloading. It allows an ideal heat transfer and eliminates the air gap that occurs between the processor (heat sink) and heat sink.

When using the thermal paste, the paste doesn’t dry out early or get a crack as it contains diamond powder inside that increases the lifespan of the paste. Moreover, another good point is that this paste provides good protection against heat damage which makes it more efficient than another silicon-based heat grease.

The solution uses a combination of micronized sized particles along with the ceramic particle that makes the solution unique and offers great performance.

  • Diamond powder included for improved thermal conductivity
  • Easy to apply
  • Designed for Extreme Performance
  • None

8.Prolimatech PK-3

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

The Prolimatech PK-3 includes nanoparticles that enable the good transmission of heat. The nanoparticles are used to fill the gap between the heat sink and the processor and reduce the gap and helps in the transmission of heat.

Don’t worry, you free all types of short-circuits, as the device is non-electrical. Another benefit of this thermal paste is that it comes with a nitrogen-based cooling system and compressor-based cooling system.

With this paste, your processor can have long-term stability ensured along with a low- dry-out rate. Comparatively, this paste is better than silicon-based thermal paste so that it is ensured that works for a longer time as well. You are also getting thermal conductivity of 11.2 W/mk so it can perform well.

  • High-grade thermal compound
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • High thermal conductivity
  • None

9.Cooler master Mastergel

Best Thermal Paste for Ps4 Pro

Last but not the least, here is another best thermal paste for PS4 pro, the cooler master Mastergelis developed using the nanodiamond particles technology which makes the thermal paste more efficient and is easier to spread the solution or to remove the erosion when you are applying the thermal solution over the heatsink.

The thermal paste is non-conductive so you can use it freely, it gives you good protection from being short circuit,

The thermal conductivity is paste is efficient and excellent performance. The unique combination of fine carbon particles produces graphite-like conductivity. But note that this thermal paste is more expensive than other of its type.

  • Ultra-high conductivity
  • Easy to use
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Bit expensive.

Buying guide

You might be thinking about the what are the factors you should look for when buying the thermal paste. Well, don’t worry the list is not that long.

To enhance your gaming experience and make the device efficient, make sure your console stays cool and doesn’t get overheating issues or overclocking. Before deciding the best thermal paste for ps4 pro here are some factors that you should look for.

  • Thermal conductivity

As we have mentioned above in the article, the thermal paste plays a crucial role in maintaining a cool temperature of your processor, this also makes sure that your console gives smoother gameplay with PS4 pro. So, before you buy any thermal paste, check that it’s thermal conductive.

The thermal paste that offers good conductivity makes sure that the heat that is transferred from the heatsink to the processor of the console is good.

  • Electrical conductivity

Another major problem in the gaming console is the short circuits while applying the thermal paste in the processor. When applying thermal paste in your PS4 pro, then be careful as it requires much attention, if not given it might damage you or the console by a short circuit, which is a bigger problem.

To play safe, you are recommended to go for a paste that comes with low conductivity or that has non-electrically conductive. Furthermore, the better approach is to take a little bit amount of the paste at the center and then apply the paste.

In clear words, there is also a thermal paste that uses ceramic material. Comparatively these types of paste are easy to apply. The ceramic paste comes in two different colors i.e., black and grey.

The ceramic paste is composed of a combination of silicon and other substances that makes it easy for the amateurs to use the paste over the components.

  • Carbon microparticle

Some of the thermal paste manufacturers use carbon microparticles to generate thermal conductivity instead of metal.

Adding carbon microparticles makes the paste smoother and easier to apply. And this will also increase the thermal conductivity rate without conducting the electricity.

It is not known that whether the carbon particles are effective or not in terms of heat transfer. These types of thermal paste are tending to be cheaper


So, when you feel that your PS4 is overheating or overclocking, then probably time to apply a new thermal paste as it will make difference.

You might get confused, as there are a bunch of options available for you, so that’s why we decided to come up with a list of the best thermal paste for PS4 pro.

We hope this article would be helpful for you. Don’t wait too long, you have got the list, and all the options, now the ball is on your court, read buying guide, read all products review and make your decision and get your product delivered right to your doorstep. 


Q: Which is the best thermal paste for PS4 Pro?

Thermal grizzly kryonaut, thermal Grizzly, and Nochtua NT-NH1, there are some of the best thermal paste for PS4 Pro that is trending right now in the market. Any of these thermal pastes will provide you with the best performance and ensure the dropping of the temperature of your PS4 Pro for up to 8 to 10 degrees. Moreover, the Arctic Mx4 is also a good option that is known for its outclass performance and it also comes in lower budget

Q: Should I change the thermal paste on your PS4?

There are a lot of reviews that say that the user a refacing overheating issues after suing the PS4 Pro for some years. This heating issue is only seen in some of the batches that can be replaced by the thermal paste of PS4 Pro.

Q: What’s the need for thermal paste in PS4 pro?

While gaming the processors generate a lot of heat and to transfer the heat and protect the PS4 pro from thermal throttling. When playing for hours, or if you are an intense gamer who looks to play for longer durations then there are more chances of thermal throttling, the longer gaming sessions boost up the process of heat transfer between the heat sink and processor, we use a thermal paste. So it’s recommended to change the thermal past after 3 to 4 years.

Q: How often you should replace the thermal paste?

A good quality thermal paste can do its job for up to 6 to 8 years depending on how often you are using it on your PS4 or PC.

Q: Can you use toothpaste instead of thermal paste?

The thermal paste contains a special combination of different elements like silicone, Carbons, iodized silver, and some other metals that are well known for their low thermal sensitivity. So, the thermal paste is a better option as they are well-engineered and fits perfectly to the idea of transferring heat from the processor to the heat sink. Using toothpaste can harm your computer and sometimes it can also cause permeant damage to the device.

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