10 Best Keyboards for World of Warcraft (WOW) 2022 - Reviews & Guide
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10 Best Keyboards for World of Warcraft (WOW) 2022 – Reviews & Guide

This post was most recently updated on January 3rd, 2022

10 Best Keyboards for World of Warcraft (WOW) 2022 – Reviews & Guide

World of Warcraft is one the best widely popular games that are on the trending list and still, there are thousands of players coming towards it. It’s an MMO game that requires the best keyboard if you want to take the game professional way and knack the experience that ultimate and delight.

To get the best gaming experience you need the best keyboard for World of Warcraft (WOW), and for that, you are at the right place. As we are decided to write an article on the best keyboard for World of Warcraft (WOW).

If you are a gaming enthusiast especially WOW, then you might be aware of the fact that normal keys don’t provide you the best user experience. It can be a lot helpful if you have a proper keyboard that comes with additional keys for and mapping controls to get a different command and better response.

Best Keyboard for WOW? Well, there are different options, the list includes either large keyboards, little, mechanical or other.

Hitting the right key at the right time is what you all need to upgrade your game and gain more gaming capabilities. That’s why the mechanical keyboard is considered the best keyboard for gaming.

You can get the most of WOW with any keyboard, the mechanical keyboard is just a plus point, as they come with extra keys that help us to control more of the game.

We know picking up the Best keyboard for WOW is your goal here and that’s why we are keeping things pretty simple and straightforward and helping you to find the best keyboard for you.

Your budget and preferences determine what you choose, but remember they are all have something great to offer and are great.

Best Keyboards for World of Warcraft (WOW)

We have included several keyboards that deserve to be called the best keyboards for the world of Warcraft (WOW). From these 10 options, we hope you’ll be able to find the perfect keyboard for you. So, let’s get started.

1.Corsair K95 platinum


  • Handy media shortcut keys
  • Good QC of Cherry MX switches
  • 8MB profile storage
  • 32-bit Cortex processor
  • Great aluminum build
  • Reversible wrist rest with cable management for the USB port.

Corsair has been a top producer and has a long history of producing the best keyboards and Corsair K95 platinum is proof of that.

The Corsair K95 platinum stands at the very first position in our list of best keyboards for a world of warcraft (WOW). Some of the users seem to claims that this keyboard is a bit bigger.

The keyboard comes with RGB lightning that adds an exceptional look to your gaming setup. It comes with mechanical key switches and 6G keys.

The keyboard has also got the cherry MX mechanical switches that offer you 2 options the cherry MX brown switch and the cherry MX speed switch.

The brown switches come with light tactile feedback with the fast speed, on the other side, the speed switches are ultra-fast in speed, which gives a linear feeling. It’s a solid keyboard that has a responsive key.

The aluminum structure of the keyboard offers stunning Light Edge technology that lights up the RGB of your board. It features a detachable wrist rest. The keys are luxurious at clicking.

The keyboard also comes with USB ports that also come in handy when working or gaming. Even with the slightest touch, the keys are fast.

  • 100% Anti-ghosting keys
  • Cherry MX Speed RGB mechanical keyboard
  • Lightweight and durable keyboard
  • Anodized brushed aluminum frame
  • Offers multi-color backlighting
  • Plastic keys feel cheap
  • Not compatible with Mac
  • Keys repeating issues sometimes.

2.Redragon K552 best gaming keyboard


  • Sturdy keyboard base model off aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • All 87 keys are 100% conflict-free
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Compact space-saving design with 87 full-size keys

The Redragon K552 is another best gaming keyboard for WOW that comes with the mechanical keys structure along with the rainbow RGB lighting.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard makes it perfect for gaming, programming, and typing. Users claim that on touching the keys they get a tactile response, but one drawback is that the keys are not fully customized.

The Tenkeyless mechanism of this keyboard and the cherry MX Mechanism switches. The ergonomic design gives you full gaming support and an environment.

If you love to keep it quiet and loves to do gaming at night in a dark environment then you will love this keyboard because this keyboard comes with RGB lighting along with carious lightning effects and different brightness levels.

You are also getting splash-proof anti-ghosting keys that give you a unique typing experience on the top of the keyboard.

The keyboard also supports the USB connection, so you are getting more connectivity options. In terms of compatibly, the keyboard is perfect, it compatible with windows 10, 8, 7 vistas, and XP.

If you are using it on Mac, let me tell you that it offers limited support but overall, it works well with all computer systems.

  • Compatible with both Mac and windows.
  • Quiet typing experience
  • Compact tenkeyless experience
  • Rainbow RGB lightning
  • 19 various lightening effects
  • RGB lighting can’t be customized
  • Not much travel friendly
  • Limited support on Mac devices

3.Corsair K55


  • Sturdy, well-built keyboard
  • Dedicated media keys
  • RGB
  • Dedicated macro keys, on the fly macro recording
  • Great software

The physical looks of the corsair K55 keyboard will push you into the gaming mood. The keyboard comes with different colors across different parts of the keyboard in the background.

What another surprising thing is the fact that you can customize the colors according to your preferences.

If you want to improve your gaming skills then corsair k55 should be your very first choice. It’s the best keyboard that comes under the price tag of $50.

The keyboard comes with spill and dust-resistant mechanical keys. With it, everything is right under your control. The ICUE software is something terrible.

You are getting a set of powerful programmable macro keys that comes with dynamic RHB lighting. You can fully customize the RGB lighting of the keyboard from the various lighting effects.

The IP42 protection guards will protect you against accidents. The keyboard is comfortable in gaming, the rubber palm will reduce the stress while gaming. This keyboard is designed for longer sessions.

The highlight feature of this laptop is that it comes with soft and responsive keys. The responsive and quiet mechanical keys give tactile feedback on every tap during gaming and typing.

  • Dust and spill-resistant
  • Dynamic RGB lighting control system
  • Comfortable gaming and typing
  • Quiet and responsive keys.
  • Terrible ICUE software
  • Not compatible with 1440 monitors.

4.Logitech G915


  • Prograde wireless and light speed
  • Ground breaking design
  • 22MM ultra-thin
  • Extremely low latency
  • Dedicated macro keys

The keyboard is precisely manufactured by keeping in mind it fits our gaming requirements with the premium and durable materials it has.

The Logitech G915 comes with wireless technology and long battery life, on the other hand, the only shortcoming of this keyboard is that it might be a little bit expensive for you.

The low-profile mechanical switches in this keyboard provide you with excellent performance, accuracy, and speed. The switches offer amazing sound and fantastic tactile feedback. The RGB lighting of this keyboard is all you need to make your gaming system look cool.

The unique and extraordinary feature of this keyboard that sets this keyboard apart from others is its attractive durable, beautiful and attractive design.

The keyboard is well crafted with the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is incredibly rigid, thin, and durable. The keyboard is made up of premium material that enhances its beauties.

On top of all, you are getting 5 dedicated and programmable G-keys. These keys come up with the custom macros and delivering commands per profile or per game. The flexibility of this keyboard is just something that you’ll love.

  • Long 30-hours battery life
  • Low-profile mechanical keyboard.
  • Specifically designed for the serious gamers
  • Amazing and durable gaming design.
  • Provide pro-grade performance
  • No tactile feedback
  • The driver supports is not good.
  • A little bit expensive

5.Logitech G13


  • Ergonomic comfort and superior control
  • Programmable 22 button keypad with the swappable profiles and maps
  • LCD display
  • Color adjustment backlighting of keys
  • On the fly macro programming

Another popular keyboard from the Logitech is Logitech G13. For those who are looking for a keyboard that is specifically designed for WOW, then here it is, the Logitech G13 is a small custom keyboard that perfectly fits the situation. The built-in wrist rest moves the easy.

The keyboard is specifically designed for those who want more control over the movement while gaming. The first thing to notice is its size and weight which neither makes this keyboard-heavy nor lightweight. The keyboard comes with a broad rubber foot that allows it to sit solidly on the desk.

The keyboard comes with attractive sharp edges and elegant aesthetics that give a luxurious feeling even in intense gaming sessions. The min joystick is a part of this custom keyboard.

The option to have customized RGB lighting with the rainbow color option is just amazing. You are getting 22 programmable keys.

Overall, the keyboard offers a comfortable design. Moreover, the keyboard also has a small LCD that shows the tracking of monitoring of data, RAM usage, and more information.

The keys are super comfortable to use. You might find the keyboard uncomfortable initially, but once you are getting used to it, you are ready to be on the top scoreboard.

  • On broad memory
  • Great control and comfort
  • Extra-long cable
  • Mini-joystick
  • Not plug-n-play keyboard
  • A joystick is Lil bit tricky to use.

6.Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad


  • All new Razer Mecha-membrane
  • 32 keys, ultimate control
  • Perfectly fit for your hand
  • RGB lighting

For those who are specifically looking for a keypad, presenting you with the best keyboard for World of Warcraft, The Razer Tartarus V2 gaming keypad is versatile as the full gaming keyboard, but the keyboard is a very great tool that offers awesome for intensive games like the world of warcraft.

With this keypad on your table, the gaming session gets more addictive and you can quickly reach the keys that are within your reach. However, It’s a top-notch small keyboard.

This gaming keypad for WOW comes with an amazing performance, it comes equipped with D-pad, a circular button, a hand rest, and a thumb button as well.

The mechanical switch is made up of the membrane rubber dome and the switches are actuated at the mid-height for fast response. The eight-way directional buttons are great tools for easy movements.

The detachable palm rest of this keypad comes with 2 adjustable positions that you can set according to your preferred angle. The keypad has a compact design along with solid build quality.

All in all, the keypad is great and the mecha membrane technology makes you feel that the mechanical keyboard has a membrane dome underneath.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Useful for MMO games
  • Mecha membrane technology
  • Decent button layout
  • Expensive for membrane keys
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited utility for most players.



  • Wired, USB-C or wireless connection
  • Large 1900 mAh battery with built in switch
  • Brilliant RGB lighting on every key
  • 16 macro keys
  • 100% Anti-ghosting with full key rollover

The Anne Pro 2 is another best keyboard for WOW. It’s a full RRGB lighting keyboard that comes with a unique design. One of the unique features of this keyboard is that it uses the Fn keys to make the keyboard more portable.

The keyboard comes with the functionality to support quick access to the home function and customized functions and it also supports multimedia as well.

There are almost 16.8 million RGB backlighting color combinations that will make just WOW and they support both dynamic and static lighting customization. Moreover, the keyboard comes with an amazing model that is called Magic Fn that offers different functionality like by tapping and holding this key, the key will behave differently, by default, the right shift key, and Fn1, Fn2, and the right control will act like the arrow keys.

These keys are specifically designed for comfort and durability.

It’s a durable keyboard that is easy to access and offers several unique features that are perfect for gamers and it’s also useful for a freelancer who is looking for something reliable and portable keyboard. The keyboard supports both wired and wireless functionality.

  • Bluetooth and cable support with 1500 mAh battery
  • Full RGB lighting
  • Dual functionality keys
  • Saves space
  • Lacks num pad
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth is a little bit low
  • Customizing each key might take some time.

8.Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2


  • Magnetic wrist rest
  • Powered USB 3.0 port
  • Chroma customizable back lightening
  • Five programmable macro keys
  • 80- million keystroke lifespan
  • 10-key roller anti-ghosting

One of the best mechanical keyboards trending right now in the market is the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2. The great design, RGB lighting, and speedy click response this keyboard offers are just awesome.

The keyboard is perfect for both gaming and working. The keys are comfortable satisfying and super clicky.

The keyboard software that allows you to make customization is ok and easy to use. The RGB lighting is great and gives you a lot of customization. The synapse, this keyboard has is vibrant and gives aesthetic touch. Moreover, there is a USB port that allows you to connect devices with it.

No matter, how intense your gaming session is, the keyboard wrist rest will keep you calm and will make you feel super comfortable. The mechanical switches of this keyboard give you are speedy and fast response.

Moreover, the keyboard comes with additional 5 dedicated macro keys that double the fun.

  • Responsiveness mechanical switches
  • Extensive lightning options
  • Razer synapse compatibility
  • USB 3.0 port.
  • Expensive
  • Lacks the media bar
  • The RGB lighting is not that good.

9.Blackwidow Lite keyboard


  • Decent and evolved mechanical switch
  • Tournament grade position
  • Extended controls with the multi-function digital dial
  • Aluminum construction
  • 80- million keystroke lifespan
  • Very lightweight with rubber O-rings installed

A perfect keyboard that will let you experience the best gaming. The Blackwidow Lite keyboard provides you with the best tactile satisfying feeling on every hit. The keyboard is quiet and silent with the RGB lighting technology.

While, on the other side, the only drawback of this keyboard is that the RGB lighting is not that good for the WOW gamers.

All the keys on this keyboard are fully customizable and macro programmable that allows you to execute complex commands. With the backlighting technology, you are getting a fantastic gaming experience even in a dark room.

The mechanical switches are speedy, comfortable, and accurate, so if you are a gamer, it’s the best gaming keyboard you can go for. You are getting tactile feedback with a quitter click that makes this keyboard best for gaming and typing.

The keyboard has a Tenkeyless structure with a detached USB cable, so you can carry it anywhere and connect it with your laptop when you are traveling. When talking about the construction, it is manufactured with sturdy, premium materials and supports up to 80 million clicks.

So, if you are looking for a portable keyboard, then we will recommend you the Blackwidow lite keyboard.

  • Durable construction.
  • Fully programmable macro support
  • Ideal for typing and gaming
  • Comes with a tenkeyless structure
  • Reasonably priced
  • Backlighting is not that good for programmers
  • Not fully quiet.

10.Razer Cynosa chroma keyboard


  • Fully programmable keys
  • Individually backlit chroma RGB
  • Powered by Razer chroma RGB
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Durable and spill-resistant
  • Keys are smooth, silent, and swift
  • Unique pallet of colors

For those who love membrane keyboards, the Razer Cynosa chroma keyboard is specifically made for them. It’s one of the best budget keyboards that trends in the market and considered as the best keyboard for WOW.

This is a full-sized keyboard, that comes will all the modern functionary in a mid-range budget. You are getting an endless color option with its RGB lighting functionality.

The keyboard offers amazing performance and it is made up of lightweight materials which means you can carry them anywhere you want. It has a sleek design along with clean-looking switches that are designed with durability and comfort.

Moreover, this Razer Cynosa Chroma portable gaming keyboard is amazingly affordable and offers great specs and features. The keys are highly responsive.

If you are reading to sacrifice the wrist rest support and media keys then the Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard is the best keyboard for elite gamers that is also light in the pocket. (you can buy a wrist rest separately if you need it.)

  • RGB lighting
  • Comfortable keycaps
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • Pleasant to type
  • Gaming mode
  • Fairly basic design
  • Unfinished configuration software
  • No angled enough when its feet fully extended.

Buying Guide

Here are some important that you need to focus on, based on the type and features of features:


The gaming keyboards are of different types. So, before you buy one, be sure about the type you want. The membrane keyboards include a key that consists of various membrane layers. When the key is pressed the PC receives the signals through these membrane layers.

For a mechanical keyboard, the typing signals are transferred through switches. These keyboards come with unique controls that feature capabilities.

These keyboards are noisier than membrane keyboards and also comes with a higher price tag.

We advise you to select the keyboard that suits your needs and budget.


To get the best gaming experience and enhance your gaming skills in WOW.

If you are looking for a colorful setup, so go for the keyboard that comes with illuminating RGB backlighting that will brighten up your mood while gaming.

Another important feature is the dedicated keys for easier and quicker implementation of gaming tactics and commands.

In premium keyboards, you will get management media keys on one touch panel that ease your media controls.

With these additional features, the price might go high but if you got cash and want the best gaming experience then go for Corsair K95 platinum, which has much more than what you are expecting. Everything is just perfect from top to end.


The better the keyboard, the higher will be the price and all the gaming keyboards comes at different prices. But, still, in the market, some keyboards offer high functionality at a lower price tag.

There are many keyboards with various aspects like materials used in their production, added features, size, layout, functionalities, and technologies that are used in the keyboards.

If you are in search of the best budget gaming keyboard then, the best you can opt for is the no.10in our list i.e., Razer Cynosa chroma keyboard that’s enough to satisfy all of your gaming needs.

Wrapping up

WOW is an MMO game that needs certain skills and keyboard agility to be a professional player. This is why the WOW players the best mechanical or membrane keyboard to enhance their gaming skills.

So, we have written the top 10 best keyboard for World of Warcraft, that includesalltype of keyboard from premium to mid-range keyboards, so you are getting a lot of options to choose from.

We hope that this article will help in finding the best keyboard for you.

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