12 Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super 2022- Reviews & Buying Guide
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12 Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

This post was most recently updated on January 3rd, 2022

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super

12 Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The RTX 2070 Super is the latest in Nvidia’s line of graphics cards. It uses the new Turing architecture, which means it can do more than ever before.

If you’re looking for a 4k monitor that will work with your RTX 2070 Super, then this is the guide for you! We’ll be going over our top picks and what to keep in mind when making your purchase.

You know what to do. You have a choice between buying the best 4k monitor for RTX 2070 Super or settling with something less, but why would you make such an obvious mistake? The answer is simple: because there are many compatible monitors out on today’s market and they come at varying prices from affordable options all the way up into high-end premium models that won’t break your bank account either!

The best 4k monitor for RTX 2070 Super is the one that will let you take advantage of all its power. Luckily, there are some high-end monitors out now which can accelerate settings at much higher frequencies than before! These new RTX-enabled screens come with built-in Ray tracing capabilities and they’re perfect if your computer has got what it takes to run games at maximum quality levels or even create them using ray-traced graphics software like photoshop etc.

Do you want an incredible visual experience? Well look no further because here’s where we start getting into specifics about how each type performs as well as their individual advantages

In this guide, we will show you the best monitors that are compatible with your RTX 2070 Super. All of these computer screens have been specially designed to provide maximum graphics performance and come at a reasonable price point so they’re easy on your pocketbook too! But before making any purchases remember there’s one thing: compatibility.

Make sure what type(s) of input lag or resolution is required by each specific game/application because not all video games use high resolutions displays while other applications require lower ones for optimal efficiency.

1.VIOTEK SUW49DA 49-Inch Super Ultrawide Monitor:  

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 1440p 4k result
  • 120Hz 4ms 1800R 
  • 5120x1440p 
  • Dual QHD Monitor
  • Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy
  • 3-Year warranty 
  • 2X HDMI 2.0
  • Black in color 

Introducing the Viotek Super Ultra-Wide 49-Inch Monitor. For those times when you only need a single large screen, this new all-in-one solution will be more than enough to replace your multi-monitor setup and provide plenty of office productivity tools with connectivity options that won’t let any space go wasted.

  • The SUW49DA is the perfect choice for gamers looking to experience everything on one screen. With a 1800R curve, you won’t be able to resist being completely drawn into your game or movie with its immersive features.
  • Dive into a world of beauty with the Viotek SUW49DA 49-Inch Super Ultrawide Monitor. This monitor features an amazing 5120 x 1440p resolution and 121% sRGB gamut to deliver exquisite color reproduction, deep blacks, brilliant whites—and vibrant RGBs.

This 49-inch monitor is optimized to play and win. With features that help you focus, it’s perfect for gamers on the go! Speedy 120Hz refresh rate with rapid-fire 4ms response time will keep your game flowing smoothly without any lag or pixilation thanks to the Viotek Gameplus. Crosshairs targeting system which sync up their crosshairs so they are always aimed at enemy heart points (HDP).


The SUW49DA default gamma is very light and its HDR also looks the same as SDR.

  • Ultra-wide screen for added space
  • Zero-tolerance dead pixel policy
  • 3-year warranty 
  • 2x HDMI, 2x DP for a variety of connections
  • Default gamma of SUW49DA is very light  
  • HRD looks the same as SDR

2.ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ 27:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • HDR DSC Gaming Monitor
  • 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • 144Hz
  • Adaptive Sync
  • Display HDR 400 
  • DCI-P3 90%
  • Eye Care 
  • HDMI Display
  • Port USB 

If you are looking for a high-end, 27-inch monitor that can handle any game at 1080p or higher with ease then the ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ is worth considering.

This 4K IPS display features 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time making it perfect for fast-paced arcade-style games as well.

  • The ROG Strix XG27UQ 27-inch monitor is perfect for gamers who want to watch their favorite soccer game or view stunning pictures in ultra-high definition. It supports Display Stream Compression (DSC) Technology, which means you can transport these videos across one interface without any perceptible loss of visual quality.
  • ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ 27” is the perfect gaming monitor for those who want to get all their game on. With HDR technology and Display HDR 400 certification, this screen offers an exceptional contrast ratio so you can experience dynamic colors in any environment or setting – it’s even compliant with professional color standards like DCI-P3.

ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ 27″ monitor is the perfect solution for all your gaming needs. It comes equipped with eye care technology that filters out harmful blue light emissions to ensure a comfortable viewing experience without any eyestrain or headaches from Flicker-free and Low Blue Light tech, ensuring prolonged use time even during long marathon sessions.


Drawbacks of ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ 27” that people may experience:  The tilt function can be shaky at times due to poor quality parts used for assembly.

  • Superb 4K display, with HDR
  • 144Hz refresh rate 
  • For ultra-smooth gaming experience
  • Great color consistency and wide viewing angle
  • Stunning visuals deliver an immersive cinematic gaming experience
  • A bit expensive
  • Heavy

3.AOC CQ32G1 31.5″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • Quad HD 2560×1440
  • VA panel
  • 4ms Response Time
  • MPRT
  • 144Hz
  • Free Sync
  • DisplayPort
  • VESA
  • Black in color

AOC’s CQ32G1 31.5″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor is a high-end, frameless display that delivers top quality visuals and clarity with its 32″ Class Full HD screen resolution (2K).

  • This AOC model also includes an array of other features such as VESA mounting support for flexible attachment options in any setting from desktops to TVs or monitors on the wall – all without sacrificing style points.
  • The AOC CQ32G1 31.5″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor is a multi-monitor setup that will have you looking good and gaming smarter. With ultra-narrow borders, this monitor has an elegant design for your desk or home entertainment space as well.

This stylish, 32-inch curved monitor is perfect for gamers. It’s designed with an ergonomic stand that allows you to adjust the height according to your needs and has a 1x HDMI 2.0 port as well as DisplayPort input so it’ll be easy on both eyes. 

You can also plug in another device like headphones if audio matters more than video during gameplay sessions or use its line out jack which will let other people listen too without any distortion whatsoever because this AOC Curved CQ32G1 31 5″ Frameless Gaming Monitor comes equipped with quality speakers built right into them (so no need buy extra equipment).


One drawback would be its lack of height adjustment features but it offers excellent picture quality nonetheless so this shouldn’t matter too much at all.

  • Good screen size available an affordable price
  • High Quality images
  • Free Sync
  • Limited stand adjustment

4.Acer ED323QUR Abidpx:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 31.5 Inches
  • WQHD (2560 x 1440) Curved 1800R VA Gaming Monitor
  • AMD Radeon FREESYNC Technology
  • 4ms; 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Display Port
  • HDMI Port
  • DVI Port
  • Black

The Acer ED323QUR Abidpx is a 31.5 inches WQHD (2560 x 1440) 1800R curved monitor that provides you with crystal clear graphics and true-to-life images thanks to the wide aspect ratio this particular Christie technology offers.

  • Acer’s new ED323QUR Abidpx is a sleek and stylish monitor that comes with AMD Radeon free Sync technology. This will give you the option for fast, fluid graphics at 1920 x 1080 resolution thanks to Free Sync monitors being able to sync up their refresh rates with compatible GPUs.
  • The Acer E Series Ultra-Wide Q 27” IPS LED Gaming Monitor features an incredible format of twenty-seven inch combined Widescreen Ratio providing extra-wide screens when playing games or watching movies while utilizing bandwidth efficiently across multiple paths simultaneously which delivers less lag time than traditional pixelized display resolutions out there right now on marketplaces today making it perfect especially if someone wants clear crisp images.

The Acer ED 323QUR is a full-featured monitor with ports for everything you need it to have. It has one Display Port, one HDMI 1.4, and DVI (with HDCP). It is a VESA-compatible monitor that features an interface perfect for people on the go.


An issue with this monitor is that one side often dimmer than the other due to light reflecting off its surface which can make images appear washed out or ICO antagonists may show up as green lines on an image when playing games since they don’t register properly because there isn’t enough red in them.  

  • Available in reasonable price
  • Curved shape screen
  • AMD Free Sync Technology
  • Color accuracy and contrast from WQHD resolution
  • Tilt-only Stand

5.BenQ PD2700U 27 inches 4K Monitor:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 3840×2160 UHD IPS panel
  • AQCOLOR 100% Rec.709
  • sRGB
  • Factory-calibrated
  • Dual View
  • Eye-care
  • Anti-Glare
  • Gray in colour

BenQ’s 27 inches 4K Monitor is perfect for any professional who needs to see everything in their workspace at once. With its wide viewing angles and 60Hz refresh rate, you’ll get an optimal experience whether working or gaming.

  • The BenQ PD2700U 27 inches 4K Monitor is the perfect balance between picture quality and price. It has HDR10 support, which lets you preview video content in high Dynamic Range during editing for better faster results! With 350 cd/㎡ brightness level as well quick 5ms response time (GtG) it will be hard not to enjoy your game or work on this exquisite screen without lag Time.
  • BenQ’s new 27-inch 4K monitor, the PD2700U is perfect for CAD/CAM Darkroom Animation and Dual View custom view modes. With Picture in Picture /Picture by picture options that let you work with your PIP switched on or off seamlessly without any interruption of workflow.

BenQ’s 27″ 4K Monitor PD2700U is a great choice for creatives who want access to more than a billion colors. It has 10-bit technology that covers 100%sRGB and Rec 709 flawlessly with Delta E ≤ 3, 3D VaporMg TX Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Built-In Mic Listen to your Favorite Online Video Service or Apps While Playing Games.

The BenQ PD2700U 27-inches 4K Monitor is a solid pick for video artists, animators, and designers.


Only one glitch in the setup. The monitor is set by default for display port (dp) 1.2.

  • Amazing picture for life-like colors
  • Requires low power consumption
  • Display is nonglare and anti-reflection which makes it perfect for office use.
  • Refresh rate is too low for 4k

6.SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 49-Inch
  • CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Super Ultrawide Screen QLED Computer Monitor
  • 3840 x 1080p Resolution
  • 1ms Response
  • Free Sync 2
  • HDR
  • Black

This 49-inch monitor has a curved screen and is perfect for gamers. Its innovative 32:9 aspect ratio makes the game more immersive than ever before, with a super ultra-wide view of up to 150% of pixels.

With refresh rates up to at 144Hz you’ll see smooth movement in any type or genre; not just sports like we used too without worrying about motion blur on our screens either because they’re Gsync compatible.

  • The Samsung CHG90 is a beautiful display with an expansive viewing angle and fast response time. With HDR technology, the colors are more lifelike than ever before.
  • The gadget with refresh rates up to at 240Hz you’ll see smooth movement in any type or genre; not just sports like we used too without worrying about motion blur on our screens either because they’re Gsync compatible.

The stand also makes this product great as users can place them however, they like without fear because there’s always stability in any position.


This awesome gadget has a bit drawback with its input lag and response time.

  • G Sync support
  • Immersive gaming experience that gamers crave
  • HD video on a much wider screen with ease and comfort
  • Refresh rate is 240Hz
  • It takes a lot of space

7.Acer Predator Gaming X34:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • Pbmiphzx Curved 34″
  • Ultra-Wide QHD Monitor
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
  • Display Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Black

If you’re looking for a monitor that will bring your gaming experience to life, then the Acer Predator is an excellent choice.

With 3440 x 1440 resolution and curved screen technology on both sides of this giant pixel count display; gamers can be sure their graphics look great from every angle all while maximizing viewing comfort with its Widescreen patented design.

  • Acer’s Predator Gaming X34 is a 34″ ultra-wide screen with NVIDIA G SYNC technology. It has an incredible graphics card that makes games look better than ever before to give you the ultimate experience in gaming.
  • The Acer Predator X34 is a 100Hz refresh rate gaming monitor. This screen delivers responsive gameplay, gorgeous detail and high contrast ratio to deliver an incredible visual experience that’s perfect for gamers.

Acer’s Predator Gaming X34 monitor will offer crisp images that you can’t see anywhere else. It also comes with 3 DisplayPort inputs as well as HDMI & USB Cables included so there are no

additional costs when trying out different setups. 


The biggest drawback to this particular model lies in its lack of Free Sync compatibility. it doesn’t offer 1440p resolutions or HDR support; has an outdated design language which seems slapped together at times won’t work well with Windows Vista OS.

  • Gsync Technology
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Overclocking
  • Costly as compare to other 4k monitor
  • Speakers are not great

8.ViewSonic VP2785-4K:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 27-Inch Premium IPS 4K Monitor
  • Advanced Ergonomics
  • Color Pro 99%A Adobe RGB Rec 709
  • 14-bit 3D LUT
  • Eye Care
  • 65W USB C
  • HDMI

ViewSonic’s new VP2785-4K is an ultra-slim, frameless monitor that features a three-sided bezel. The intuitive design allows you to show more of your masterpiece and less on-screen while giving it stunning clarity with vibrant colors.

  • The ViewSonic VP2785-4K eliminates cable clutter by handling all your video, audio and data need with a single USB type C connection. Connecting to the TV via HDMI inputs will also allow you to connect any other peripherals like mice or hard drives that require an additional power supply through its dedicated slot on this affordable monitor’s side panel.
  • The ViewSonic VP2785-4K features an easy, quick calibration process that ensures your display captures the color in every detail.

The ViewSonic VP2785-4K has been designed to meet the needs of users on both mobile and desktop devices. With its flexible connectivity features, this monitor will provide you with great image quality no matter what type of device it’s being used in conjunction with.


ViewSonic’s VP2785 monitor is one of our favorite 27″ monitors, but there are some drawbacks. For starters, its 4K resolution isn’t as sharp when viewed up close or with lots on screen at once- so if you plan to be using it for anything where your viewing distance will affect quality then this might not work well for what you need.

  • Exceptional color accuracy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple connection options: USB C, HDMI, DP
  • Eye care technology reduces eyestrain and fatigue
  • Excellent for photography and video editing
  • No Built-in Speakers
  • Adaptive sync support is not available

9.Gigabyte G27F 27″:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 144Hz 1080P Gaming Monitor
  • 920 x 1080 IPS Display
  • 1ms (MPRT) Response Time
  • Free Sync Premium
  • 1x Display Port 1.2
  • 2x HDMI 1.4
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • BLACK 

Gigabyte’s G27F 27″ monitor is perfect for gamers looking to upgrade their system with an awesome display. The 1920 x 1080 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate make this a high-end option that won’t cost you too much money. It also has 1ms response time so fast-moving graphics will be amazing on your screen. 

  • The Gigabyte G27F 27″ features a simple and friendly design with an onboard OSD sidekick.
  • With cutting-edge features like Free Sync Technology which eliminates screen tearing while minimizing the latency on compatible displays as well as V-Grip Plus ergonomic adjustments, these new screens will make your gameplay even more fun.

The Gigabyte G27F 27″ VESA Wall Mount Compatible 100×100 millimeter is a great monitor to go for those who want their desktop and TV in perfect sync. With its widescreen format, you can view videos just as they were originally intended without any scaling or letterboxing.


The Gigabyte G27F 27″ has some flaws, like height limitations.

  • Affordable
  • Built for fast paced gaming
  • Tested to be absolutely reliable
  • Fulfills all your needs in one package
  • Weak Speakers
  • Color accuracy is not much better

10.BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 27 inches
  • Professional IPS Monitor
  • 10-Bit with 14-Bit 3D LUT Hardware Calibration
  • Aqcolor for Accurate Reproduction
  • Detachable Shading Hood
  • Black

The BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR TV is perfect for viewing media in high definition. It has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and will deliver exceptional clarity of fine details with every image you see on screen.

  • BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR Display features 99% Adobe RGB coverage, as well as hardware calibration support for accurate colours that photography enthusiasts need. 
  • Not only is it able to provide an incredible picture quality but also includes a card reader slot so you can access all your photos from different sources such as SD/SDHC cards or MMC Mobile Memory Cards with ease without having another device attached like smartphones which means less mess on both ends.

The BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR monitor features a built-in hardware calibration tool with an intuitive user interface that allows you to tune and maintain your screen at its most optimal state.


The BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR display has been criticized for its low resolution and lack of a wide colour gamut.

  • Greater depth and clarity
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Advanced features
  • Calibration support
  • Pricey

11.LG 27GL83A-B:

Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 27 inches
  • IPS 1ms response rate
  • NVIDIA G Sync Compatible 
  • QHD
  • Ultra gear
  • Black

The 27 GL83A-B is a top-of-the-line monitor that offers an amazing qHD (2560 x 1440)IPS display. The high resolutions make text and images edge to be seen in perfect clarity, while multi-touch inputs allow for easy navigation across webpages as well.

  • This sleek and stylish monitor is equipped with a 1ms response time for improved gameplay performance as well as a 144Hz refresh rate that eliminates pesky ghosting effects to give gamers an edge in their favorite games.
  • The LG 27GL83A-B is compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC. It sports an anti-glare, 3HD surface treatment and has haze coverage at 25% opacity to make it easier on your eyes when playing for long periods of time or doing close up work like coding.

This 27″ screen features an HDMI port, two USB ports, and has a built-in speaker. The large format of this monitor is perfect for video chat or working on spreadsheets without scrolling up your browser window.  At only 24 lbs it’s easy to carry around with you as well. 


The LG 27GL83A-B has lack of internal lighting for darker rooms and it can’t display 3D images which are disappointing.

  • Color accuracy
  • Reasonable price
  • Great input lag
  • G Sync support
  • Amazing response time
  • Fully ergonomic stand
  • Lack of USB port
  • No built-in speakers


Best 4k Monitor For RTX 2070 Super


  • 30-inch 
  • Curved Gaming Monitor
  • 2560×1080 Ultra-Wide
  • Ultra Slim 
  • HDMI DisplayPort
  • 200Hz Build-in Speakers
  • Metal Black

The Sceptre new curved gaming monitor with a 30″ screen size, Full HD resolution and 5ms refresh rate makes it the ideal companion no matter what you’re doing on your PC or Console.

  • Sceptre’s curved 30-inch gaming monitor is more than double the standard refresh rate. A 200Hz panel gives gamers an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly, which means they will never have a blurry image and can play games smoothly without struggling with lag time – like when playing Overwatch for instance! With this higher frame rate, you’ll also be able to find enemies easier so don’t get shot from behind while trying out your skills (or getting killed).
  • In addition, this monitor comes equipped not only with HDMI 2.0 but also allows users higher levels of bandwidth for lower config latency giving players that competitive advantage over their opponents.

Sceptre new curved gaming monitor is the perfect accessory to turn your living room into an immersive virtual world. With FPS-RTS, you’ll have access to custom set display settings built for both shooter and strategy gamers alike – so whether it be First Person Shooter (FPS) or Real-Time Strategy( RTS), this screen has got everyone covered.


The only drawback that has been found in Sceptre, its Tilt-only stand.

  • 200HZ AMD Free Sync Technology
  • Full HD Resolution
  • High Contrast ratio
  • Rich Pixel density
  • Sleek design
  • Minor ghosting during fast-paced games, especially in dark scene.

Buying Guide

Screen Size and Resolution:

There are a lot of monitor available in Tech market with different screen size and resolution. But the Screen size depend on user choice and usage for the professionals, editors and gamers, Viotek SUW49DA is the best choice accordingly. If a screen has 1920 x or 1080p resolution, is a common number.

It means the screen displays 1080 pixels vertically and 1920 pixels horizontally. Only higher number of pixels can produce sharper and quality images. It means you will have to pay attention on the PPI or Pixel per inch.

Refresh Rate:

Whenever you look for best 4k monitor, I would always recommend you purchase those monitors with a high refresh rate. You can have substantial impact on your gaming experience with higher refresh rate.

It is mainly relevant with a fast-paced.  Generally, refresh rate of a higher-tier monitors is 144Hz or 240HZ. If you are not buying monitor for gaming then a 60Hz monitor is likely not worth the cost for you. 

G Sync/Free Sync Compatibility: 

There are two technologies that can reduce screen tearing and input lag, but they’re not the only options available. Free Sync and G-sync allow monitors to synchronize with graphics cards for smooth video playback without any stuttering or leggy gameplay by using a technology called VESTAZLING Supreme Dynamic Range PLUS (SDR+) HDR Technology – which results in brighter colors while preserving contrast ratios.

When choosing between these different types of display connections there are also other things worth considering such as what kind of refresh rate do you want? Do Mapping capabilities affect image quality too, so make sure your monitor supports this feature before making up minds already.


What is the best size of the screen for gamers?

For those who love playing games, a monitor should be at least 32 inches. In fact, there are also bigger options available in the Tech market, if you’re looking to get your hands on one. When we talk about gamers, I would suggest that find the screen according to your requirement. 

How much refresh rate is important for a monitor? 

With a refresh rate of at least 144 Hz, the picture on your screen will be refreshed each second and you’ll enjoy smooth gameplay. The Vortex SUW49DA supports 2070 supers with its latest technology to ensure that no lag occurs for gamers’ satisfaction.

What is the best monitor with high contrast and sharp display?

If you are found of smooth gaming than we would suggest that buy Acer Predator X34P 34. Its wide curved screen and ultra sharp display make your game better and smoother.

Final Views: 

It’s hard to find the perfect monitor for your RTX 2070. That is why our team at Gamer Tested decided that it would take all day long looking through monitors before finding one with everything you need-quality + durability.

We hope that our research will make your selection easy when you will plan to buy fast-paced high-quality monitor.

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