How to Clean Corsair Keyboard - Easy Way to Follow
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How to Clean Corsair Keyboard – Easy Way to Follow

How to Clean Corsair Keyboard

How to Clean Corsair Keyboard – Easy Way to Follow

How to clean the Corsair keyboard? Well, that’s not much of an issue. We can’t deny the fact, our tables are multi-purpose desks and no less than battle stations. You are eating lunch or mid-day snacks at the same time you are responding to the slack messages, or sometimes play PC games non-stop.

Some of us are very cleaning conscious about our PCs, but some of us are those who let the dust gather on our gaming setups.

Dust and little food crumbs are enough to make your keyboard messy, greasy, and unhygienic. Not only that, but it also disrupts the functionality of the peripherals.

But don’t you let the Dorito dust wreak havoc on your typing tools. After one year of use, it’s time to wash and clean more than your hands so gather your cleaning supplies because in this article we are going to learn how to clean the corsair keyboard.

As you know that the corsair keyboards are made up of premium materials, so when the keyboards get greasy, the very first questions that put up is how to clean corsair keyboards.

Well, they are mechanical keyboards, so they get grimy, greasy, and dirty quickly, so you need to keep them clean. This article is a step-by-step guide on how you can clean the corsair keyboard to make it feel like it’s new and free from grease and dirt.

Things you need to clean the corsair keyboard

Before cleaning the corsair keyboard, here are some essentials tools that you will be needing in this process. These tools will perform the best to clean the corsair keyboard deeply even the RGB lighting. So let’s get started with the process:

  • Alcohol or spirit
  • Keycap remover or screwdriver
  • Swaps or earpicks
  • Brush
  • Micro Fiber cloth
  • Wet old paper towel

After you gather all these things together the next step is to clean the corsair keyboard.

How to Clean Corsair Keyboard

To make the process easy we have put it together in the step-by-step process that will help you clean your keyboard.

Step 1

When we look inside the keyboard the very first thing, we get to see is the wrist rest that allows you to have a comfortable type, play, and work with the keyboard efficiently. The very first step is to remove the wrist rest from the keyboard and then clean the keyboard.

Follow the guide written in the next section to clean the wrist rest of your keyboard.

(If your keyboard doesn’t have wrist rest, then skip this step.)

Step 2

Now, it’s time to remove the keyboard keys, but for that, you have to turn the keyboard upside down to remove the big chunks from your keyboard.

How to remove the keys from the corsair keyboard is the common question that most mechanical keyboard users ask. Well, you can use a screwdriver or a keycap remover that easily available on amazon or any computer near you.

Remove the keys using keycap remover.

How to Clean Corsair Keyboard

After removing the keys, to clean the keyboard, the next question that comes your way that how to clean the spacebar on the mechanical keyboard. Don’t worry, it’s not a hassle, all you need to do is to apply a little force from both sides and the space bar will come out as it comes with the spring mechanism. So, with little force, it’ll come out.

Because of the dust, you be able to hear some noise when you press the keyboard keys, but don’t worry after this method, you won’t be hearing them anymore.

Alert: before you take out the keys, make sure you take a picture of your keyboard to remember that the actual position of the key so that you apply them easily.

Step 3

After you remove the keys, you will get to see the RGB switches on your keyboard and you will see a junk of debris and dust, etc. So, here you need a brush to clean the remove all the external dirt and debris from your keyboard.

Step 4

Now, it’s time to clean the keyboard internally from all the dust and dirt particles. Within the steps, you will use a wet paper towel to clean the keyboard. On the other side, you can use cotton swabs and earpicks to reach the deeper areas that you can’t access. You can damp the wet paper towel to use for the cleaning of the keyboard under switches.

Tip: Clean the keyboard using a paper towel or swab with a sensitive hand to prevent it from damaging.

Step 5:

By following the steps written below, you can clean 90% of the keyboard. In the last step, you will need to all the removed keys back to their original position after the cleaning process. For this purpose, clean each key with a microfiber cloth. Now, after cleaning the keys, place all the keys in the original position with the help of a picture.

And it’s done.

Cleaning the wrist rest in your corsair keyboard

Before you clean the keys of the keyboard, you need to remove the wrist rest which you can separate easily. Here’s how you can clean the wrist rest on your keyboard.

  • The very first thing you need to do is to sprinkle the dish soul over the corsair keyboard.
  • After spraying the alcohol or dishwasher, use the bush to clean the wrist rest of the keyboard.
  • You need to clean the wrist rest till it’s fully cleaned and all set to get attached back to your keyboard.

Follow these steps to turn your old corsair keyboard into a whole new-looking keyboard. After cleaning, your keyboard will offer great performances for many coming years.  

Wrapping up

So, you see there are steps by which you can clean the corsair keyboard. So why spending money by heading to professional computer expert shops to clean your keyboard, when you are getting dust and grease-free keyboard easily by following the above-written method.

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