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10 Best Ram For Ryzen 1700 2022 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

This post was most recently updated on January 3rd, 2022

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700

10 Best Ram For Ryzen 1700 2022 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

Mostly, people do not give much attention to the significance of Ram’s input in a Ryzen processor. Most users assume that more Ram for your processor is better. It is true, but there are slightly more details that you need to know.

If you have a Ryzen 7 1700, you should know that its primary requirements include CL16 Timings and the base frequency of 3600 MHz. 


However, most people ignore these crucial factors and also get poor results. Therefore, here we are reviewing the best Ram for Ryzen 1700 for you. So, you can buy the Ram that maximizes your computer’s performance and reduces the lag and freezing issues on your high-end games.

1.G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It is featuring DDR4 Memory.
  • It supports most Ryzen systems.
  • It is a Hot selling Product. 
  • It can be overclocked for maximum frequency.
  • It also comes with a basic XMP profile and XMP 2.0 features in the BIOS. 
Country of OriginTaiwan
Memory Clock Speed3200 MHZ. 
Tested Capacity16GB (2 X 8 GB)

RGB Support:

It comes with an uncovered light bar. It will allow you to customize its gratification in full RGB. You can also adjust its color to rainbow or multi-colors. Moreover, by downloading its compatible software, you can also customize the color and match it according to your computer setup color theme.

Exceptional Engineering:

It is another Iconic built by the G.Skills. It comes with a luxurious hairline finished with aluminum heat spreaders along with an eye-catchy design and a very effective heat dissipation. It has a wider light diffuser, so you can mount extravagant lighting effects on it with ease. 


If you are looking for a Ram with Overclock option, this Ram should be one of your top priorities. It comes with a custom ten-layer PCB with max signal stability, and each kit is tested individually for performance, reliability, and compatibility on your motherboard.

Top Selling:

According to a recently published report, it is the most sold Ram among its competitors. Since most users are considering it the best Ram for Ryzen 7, it is a highly recommended option for you to try out.

  • Eye-Catchy Design
  • Compatible with Aura Sync
  • RGB Illumination
  • Over-priced for Budget-friendly buyers.

2.Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB

  • It supports XMP 2.0
  • It is available in different variants such as 16, 32, and 64 GB.
  • Excellent for AAA Titles.
  • Offering lifetime warranty for a limited time.
  • Seamless installation
CompanyCorsair Gaming
Country of OriginAmerica
Memory Clock Speed3200 MHz
Voltage1.35 Volts
Weight4.3 Ounces

Heat Spreaders:

Its body is manufactured with anodized aluminum, and for finishing they used black color. It has vented slots on both sides of the top ends.

Both of its vented slots face each other and gives an elegant look to the design, and they also give the feel of it being a complete kit. Moreover, its heat spreader is a magnet for fingerprints. Therefore, you should keep a micro-fiber cloth with your setup to clean it.


It comes with a kit of multi-layered black PCB. You can see its ICs from both sides of Ram. Plus, it also has four memory chips on both sides of the stick.

On the non-populated side, a single thin thermal pad is attached across. On the contrary, its populated side comes with its own black thermal pads.

RGB Lighting Effects:

The RGB lighting is a primary feature of this RAM. It comes with 10 RGB lighting zones under its diffuser. Plus, you can control or customize each of the zones with iCUE software. It will allow you to adjust its colors according to your setup color theme. 

  • Overclocking can be enabled
  • Customizable vibrant RGB Colors
  • Very Expensive


Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It offers an RGB Lighting effect.
  • It has XMP 2.0 one-click overclocking technology.
  • It is approved by all mainstream motherboard producers. 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
Country of OriginTaiwan
Memory Clock Speed3000 Hz
Module TypeNon ECC and 288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM
Voltage1.35 Volt
Data Transfer25600 MB/s


If you are looking for a Ryzen 1700 DDR4 3200 MHz Ram under a budget, this one is built for you. It is one of the most cost-effective DRAM Kits available in the market.

If you compare it with other options in the market under the same budget, this one is going to be the top choice for you. 

Overclocking Feature:

However, if you want from it, you can also overclock it for better performance. Its overclocking feature will not make it the best Ram but will improve the performance at a significant ratio.

Therefore, if you love playing AAA Titles, then overclocking is recommended for a better gaming experience. 

For Gamers:

This Ram is highly recommended for budget-conscious gamers. If you decide to overclock it, then you can play most of the AAA Game titles with 60 FPS and high resolution. Therefore, this Ram should be on the top of your buying list.

  • Can be overclocked
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Supporting Razer Sync and Aura Sync
  • Limited Stock

4.G.Skill Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It has no RGB Lights
  • It comes with a simple and durable built design
  • It is overclockable for better performance.
  • It offers variants of 8, 16, and 32 GB.
  • It has a transfer bandwidth of 24,000 MB/s
CompanyG. Skills
Country of OriginTaiwan
Memory Clock Speed3200 Hz
Voltage1.35 Volts
Tested Capacity16GB (2 x 8GB)


Some people prefer quality overbuilt design. If you are one of them, this Ram Stick might be for you. It has the Ram with the specification of a Ryzen 1700x 3200mhz Ram. In 2021, It is offering one of the most cost-effective Rams on this list.

Every product has its drawback. Similarly, it has a simple design with no RGB Lights. Yet, it might not be a notable factor for most users. 


It is a DDR4 Ram type along with the 3200 Mhz of memory kit. In this price range, these are very rare specs for a kit with this speed. Since G.Skills is selling it at a low price, it keeps its prices low by adding a cheap CL14. However, it does not make any vital difference in its performance. 

RGB Zones:

It does not feature any RGB lights. Instead, it is made with a very simpler design as compared to other Rams on the list. 


It is for practical people who like to have performance rather than showing off their RGB lights. Plus, with this, you can also save a few dollars. 

  • Overclocking can be enabled
  • Speed of 3200 Mhz.
  • Heat Spreader
  • Lacking RGB

5.G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It does not have any RGB Lights
  • It is a high-performance Ram for Gaming
  • It features Intel XMP 2.0
  • It is not featuring any dual channel kit.
Country of OriginTaiwan
Memory Clock Speed2400 Hz
Voltage1.2 Volts
Dimensions5.4 X 0.55 X 0.17 Inches

Design And Colors:

It comes with an eye-catching design that would be like any gamer. However, it does not come with any RGB Lights, yet it is available in several distinctive colors in the market.

It includes steel blue, gray, blazing red, and classic black. While building a PC with a specific color theme, Ripjaw is going to be an amazing addition to your system.

Power Efficient:

It is designed especially to run on low power systems. It takes only 1.2 to 1.35 Volts of energy. As a DDR4 standard Ram, its memory voltage requirement is around 20% from DDR3 memory kits. This way, you can run your computer without setting up an expensive appliance heater. 

Warranty and Customer Support:

For limited customers, G.skill is giving a lifetime warranty. Other than the warranty, G.skills is known for offering its excellent technical team for customer support. You can contact its technical support through its Facebook page, email, and telephone number.

XMP 2.0 Support:

While buying a Ram, you must be wondering what makes the difference between an average and expensive Ram. Right? It is the XMP 2.0 Support, and this Ram has it. With XMP 2.0 support you can customize your Ram’s frequencies according to your taste.

  • Overclockable
  • Available in different colors
  • Power efficient
  • No RGB Lights

6.Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It features high performance DDR4
  • It gives you complete control over its CORSAIR iCUE software
  • It has customizable lighting all across the Ram.
  • It is compatible with both Intel and AMD DDR4
  • It comes with the XMP 2.0 support
CompanyCorsair Gaming
Country of OriginAmerica
Memory Clock Speed3200 Hz
Capacity32 GB


For Ryzen 1700, it is one of the most powerful Rams available in the market. It is designed especially to hit the peek of the latest Intel and AMD Motherboards. Moreover, it also gives stability to your PC and stability. 


Manufacturers have designed its ICs especially to give you the best experience with overclocking it. Plus, its aluminum heat spreaders also make sure that it has improved thermal conductivity for amazing cooling for the memory even when it gets overclocked.

XMP 2.0:

The addition of an XMP 2.0 adds a boost to your Pc’s performance. All you need to do is set its BIOS setting to classic performance setting, and it will take your working experience to the next level. Moreover, if you are under a tight budget, this one can be a great affordable option for you. 

  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Maximized Bandwidth
  • Amazing stability and performance under a budget
  • None

7.Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB

  • It has the latency of CL16
  • It supports AMD Systems only
  • It comes with 12 Ultra-bright RGB LEDs for each module. 
  • It is built with Patented dual-channel Dhx cooling Technology
CompanyCorsair Gaming
Country of OriginAmerica
ModelPC4-25600 C16
Memory Clock Speed3200 Hz.
Dimensions:5.31 x 0.31 x 2.2 Inches
Voltage1.35 Volts
Weight6.7 ounces

RGB Lighting:

This Stick is dominating Ram’s market with iconic high-performing RGB Lights that work better than most Rams you would find in this list. In fact, it outshines most of the RGB Rams. Plus, its lighting does not affect its performance. It also performs at its full potential to give you the best experience. 


Since corsair’s target was to target every gamer in the world, they made it compatible with both AMD and Intel Motherboards. Moreover, it also supports the XMP 2.0, so you can customize it from the BIOS. 


Most Rams have a common size. Yet, this Ram comes in a slightly larger size. It does not affect its performance, but it can make trouble if you try to fit it in a small PC case. Therefore, check its dimensions before ordering. 

  • Premium Built Quality
  • RGB Lights
  • Wide Compaaitability
  • Slightly larger in size

8.HyperX Fury 16GB 3200MHz

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It comes with the latency of CL16
  • It is featuring stunning RGB Lights.
  • It comes with an optimized profile for the latest Intel and AMD chipsets.
  • It is featuring Patent-pending HyperX Infrared Sync Technology
Country of OriginAmerica
Memory Clock Speed3200 Hz.
Voltage1.35 V

Heat Spreader:

Every product has something special in it. In HyperX Fury’s case, it is Heat Spreader. Its head spreading feature sets it apart from all other Rams on the list. It will always keep your Ram cooled down. Even overclocking will not make any difference in terms of temperature. 

Built Design:

It is not featuring the most iconic built design in the market. In fact, it has a poorly built design. However, if you have a fully covered PC case, then this should not be a significant factor for you.


This Ram is specially designed to maximize your system’s performance. It will make sure that your memory modules are working at their full potential and hit 3733MHz. Plus, it works with all AMD motherboards. 

  • Overclocking enabled
  • RGB Lights
  • DDR4
  • Poor Built Quality

9.PNY XLR8 Gaming DDR 4 32GB (16X2)

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It has a 3200 MHz Clock speed 
  • It comes with an XMP 2.0 Support 
  • It has a CAS latency of CL16, 135 volts
  • It comes with different variants like 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB with different clock speed 2666 MHz, 3000 MHz, 3200 MHz, and 3600 MHz
Country of OriginUnited States 
Memory clock speed3200 MHz
Ram TypeDesktop DDR 4 
Voltage 1.35
Capacity 32 GB

Design and Capability:

Its body is constructed of Aluminum alloy with an aggressive design, and they used black and red combinations of colors with a v-shaped led Lightbar on the top that’s uniquely applied to the black heat spreaders.

The design keeps it cool even under extreme gaming and while running heavy applications.

DDR4 3200 MHz Gaming performance:

XLR8 memory includes the dynamic elements of the company; these include aggressive speed, enough energy usage, increased bandwidth, and low latency.

You’ll also enjoy the smooth and excellent gaming experience. Get to take benefit of these while your memory-filled application and gaming session is without any hassle.


This Ram comes with RGB lighting. This Ram illuminates your Windows chassis with vibrant neon colors rolling displays. So if you have a lot of bright colors on your computer, you will like it.

  • Simple and modern design.
  • Affordable price 
  • The RGB lighting is soft
  • Reduces load time and boost performance
  • Limited over clocking headroom.

10.Crucial Ballistic Gaming RGB DDR4 16GB (8X2)

Best Ram For Ryzen 1700
  • It supports XMP 2.0
  • It comes with 16 RGB Led Lights
  • It runs on most RYZEN systems
  • It has an aluminum heat spreader
Country of originUSA
Memory clock speed 3200 MHz
Voltage1.35 V
Weight3.53 ounces

RGB support: 

It comes with 16 RGB led. It will allow the user to change effect speed and brightness, also turn LEDs off with the help of compatible software like MOD, Asus Aura, MSI mythic light. These lighting effects make your system excellent. 


The design of this ram is pretty cool. On every side, you will find ballistics printed around them. At the center, you will find a specification sticker, and on another side “Crucial by Micron”.

This DDR4 Ballistics Gaming Ram is manufactured with anodized Aluminum, and It arrives with a low profile form factor which is accurate for space-restricted or small rigs. The heat spreader is available in white, black, and red colors.

Compatibility test: 

Crucial work closely with AMD, Intel system builders, and motherboard designers to provide these kinds of great gaming rams. The memory is intensified for better performance 

  • 16 RGB LEDs with 8 zones
  • Excellent for Gaming 
  • Modern Aluminum heat spreader
  • Difficult to Setup 

Buyer’s Guide

While buying a Ram, most people get confused among its tiny factors. Therefore, here we will tell you how you can pick the Ram that works best for you. Because every Ram is made for a different purpose and user. 

Clock Speed:

You can easily measure your Ram’s clock speed within a second, and its speed is measured in Mhz or Megahertz. Moreover, the Ryzen 1700x ram support sticks with a base clock of at least 2,666 MHz. A regular 2,666 MHz Ram should be able to process around 2.6 billion cycles each second. 


If you have a limited budget and looking for a chance to stretch your Pc’s performance to the next level, then overclocking might be the solution you are looking for.

With the overclocking feature, you can make your Ram perform more processes each second. While playing your favorite game, it will give you a better experience by increasing your FPS. Therefore, it is a highly recommended thing to do with your Ram. 

CAS Latency:

If you look at your memory module, you will see a line filled with various numbers. Each of these numbers would be indicating the process timing of your module. These times are variable and can change from time to time. 

Once you have gone through the memory module of the Ram, try to get the one that has the lowest CAS Latency. Turn of phrase, Ram with lower CAS Latency will give you a better experience. 

Most people get confused and buy the Ram with high CAS Latency. Assuming that higher numbers are better, but they are not as effective because they will take more time in loading each column address. 


There are three versions of DDR available in the market as DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. Among them, DDR3 works perfectly for most Intel computers. However, it does not mean that it will work for your Ryzen 1700 too.

In fact, if you have a Ryzen 1700, then you should be looking for a DDR4 Ram for best results. It is the most powerful version of Ram available in 2021. Plus, you can run several processes on it at the same time without worrying about a decline in its performance.

RGB Lighting:

Having RGB lights or not in your Ram is a personal choice. If you have a clear side panel for your PC Case, then you might be motivated to spend a bit extra on it.

However, you should keep in mind that having or not having RGB lights in your Ram is not going to make any difference in your PC’s performance. It is just about your PC’s look. 


Buying a Ram is your decision. So, you should know what Ram is going to work for you. Therefore, the Buyer’s Guide is going to help to make an effective decision. Other than that, overclocking your Ram is highly recommended to boost your Ram’s performance in an instant.

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