11 Best Flash For Sony A7Riii in 2022 - Reviews, FAQS & Guide
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11 Best Flash For Sony A7Riii in 2022 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

This post was most recently updated on January 6th, 2022

Best Flash For Sony A7Riii

For both, who love to do photography as a hobby or as their profession, it must for them to have a top-quality camera to capture amazing photos. As an enthusiast’s photographer, you must be wishing to get a premium camera and top-notch equipment that features top quality results.

Well the Sony A7RIII already brings you in order and now that you are looking for the best flash for Sony A7Riii which means that you are all set for clicking excellent photos.

If you have Sony A7RIII, then congratulations, you already own the best mirrorless camera. When talking about the mirrorless the Sony A7Riii and Sony A7iii are considered the best in the camera world. Both of the camera models have so much to offer. 

When you pair your Sony A7Riii with the best flashes that are trending in the market right now, no one can stop you from becoming the best photographer. The market is full of Sony flashes from which it becomes quite difficult to choose a flash that will work best for you. 

As the Sony A7Riii is considered one of the best cameras on market and it offers higher ISO performance so if you are serious about it, make sure you make the best decision when buying the best flash for Sony A7Riii.

The camera is no doubt best in performance but it lacks a built-in flash functionality. Flash is one of the important components of the camera. 

Features like a wireless connection, burst, and durable metal shoes, and quick response make a flash best in terms of performance.

So, today we in this article we are going to list the top 10 best flashes for Sony A7Riii that you can buy in 2021. Hopefully, you will enjoy the list and keep up the professional tone with proper lighting techniques in your photography. 

Best flash for Sony A7Riii

Before diving into the best flash for Sony A7Riii, we would recommend you to give a quick read to the buying guide that will give you a proper idea about what are the factors that matter the most when looking for the best flash for Sony A7Riii.

1.Sony hvl F45rm


  • Powerful flash lighting of GN45
  • Wireless commander and receiver
  • Wirelessly supports up to 15 units and 5 groups
  • The recycling is approx. 2.5 seconds

The Sony Hvl f44rm comes with a compact design and strong flashing capabilities for your Sony Alpha camera series.  This is a practically affordable flashlight that delivers an output of up to a guide number of 45 values. 

Wireless communication and multipurpose shooting modes make this flash suitable for all types of professional use. 

The Sony flash strobe has automatic white balance adjustment levels, this enables the higher aperture and maintains proper illumination.

The flash is capable to work as both receiver and transmitter at 98 feet are nearly 30 meters. If you need highly creative writing setups this flash can work in synchronization with less than 15 units into 5 groups.  

Everyone who uses this flash loves the small size high performance and burstiness with the flexibility of this flash. 

And our recommendation this option is overall the best flash unit for Sony camera in 2021 it can help in enhancing the picture quality. Moreover, this flash works best in both conditions studio and as an outdoor flash.

The package includes a carrying case, a mini stand along with the protection cap.  

  • Fully wrote a table head
  • fantastic navigation
  • The flash is highly customizable compact and powerful
  • Dust and moisture resistant
  • It is a bit pricey
  • Lack the IR focus

2.Sony external flash


  • GN value of 60
  • The recycle time is only 1.7 seconds
  • You are getting a whole pack of equipment with it 

When you need a lighting setup on which you can rely on then Sony external flash that comes wireless control is a good option for you. This HVL F28RM can keep up with multiple shooting modes which include fPS, a Sony external flash. The flash is highly workable due to its high-end lighting capabilities. 

The flash features speedy performance and can work effectively with both Sony A7Riii and Sony A7iii to give 10 fps smooth performance.

The head spin and tilt capabilities can work downward or upward successfully emits lights and removes the unwanted shadow. On comparing the intensity of external light, the indoor photo can easily defeat the flash photo taken with the flash. 

The flash is easy and flexible to convert it into the horizontal and vertical position. 

The flash comes with a quick recycling time of 1.7 seconds in single-frame shooting, 1.6 seconds when shooting with an external FA EBA Battery pack. The flash package includes a mini stand, protect cap, protective case, bounce adapter, color filter, and a carrying pouch. 

  • Wireless TTL control
  • Dust and moist resistant
  • Built-in heat resistant
  • Eligible for all skill levels
  • A real port for radio triggers in snot is included in the package.

3.GODOX AD200 Pro 500


  • Amazing flash duration of 1/15,380 sec
  • HSS of 1/8000
  • Transmission range of 100m
  • Recycle time of 0.01 to 2.1 seconds

The AD200 Pro 500 comes with a standard flash head along with a bulb head that enables you to shoot a different type of light. The new generation of Speedlight offers a lot of new options and enhancements as compared to its previous models.

The flash features a built-in wireless transmitter and receiver, the AD200 supports the TTL and other cameras like Sony A7Riii and A7iii mirrorless series. Additionally, this camera also comes with a master and slave function, that can be used in combination with Godox TTL camera flashes and more

The flash only weighs 590g without the camera and flash head which is very comfortable and portable to handle and carry in your pocket. The flash is pretty easy to function and use.

You are getting a wide number of options such as channel triggering, group selection, the HSS can easily be controlled by the buttons of the large AV panels. 

Another mentionable upgrade of this flash is the Speedlight. This mode allows the flash to increase the color consistency within the high range of 5600±100K in the entire power range of this flash. 

The AD200 pro 500  is capable of 500 full power flashes with 0.01 and 2.1 recycling and also offers a rechargeable 14.4V/ 2900mAh. 

  • High-performance lithium battery
  • Wireless remote control and triggering
  • Different flash heads for different light effects
  • Overheat while shooting in HSS

4.Godox X-pro S 


  • HSS of 1/8000
  • Transmission range of 100m
  • Exposure of Manual/ TTL/ Multi

The Godox pro is one of the well-recognized cameras and another best flash for Sony A7Riii and A7iii camera. It comes with a strong build at this price. There is a wide improvement in these plastic-made Xpro-s in the X1 model. 

It comes with an ergonomic design and a menu system for the X-pro trigger. Most of the functions of the flash accessed by main buttons you don’t need to move your forehead to adjusts when looking in the Viewfinder. 

The additional feature of this flash includes the manual and TTL and other settings the Stroboscopic flash and second curtain synchronization is also available. You can adjust the levels from -3 to + 3 levels and it also wirelessly control the light, zoom settings, and more. 

The flash contains a 2.5mm sync port to support the triggering with a wired connection.

  • Decent build quality
  • High-speed sync
  • Backlit LED panel
  • Ergonomic design
  • Doesn’t carry the type-C cable
  • The soft case is not included in the package

5.Altura Photo flash Ap-305s


  • The GN36 value at 100 ISO produces the right amount of flash.
  • 4 GHz triggers let you operate the flash room of up to 300 ft. 
  • Come with auto and manual zooming of up to 105mm.
  • Features a wide-angle diffuser for softer lighting.
  • It offers manual, multi, and TTL modes for the perfect match of lighting. 

Now, taking pictures with the perfect lighting is more than easy with Altura photo flash. All thanks to AP-305S which belongs to Altura comes packed with a wireless trigger which gives you an option to click photos even when you are away from your camera. The flash allows you to take photos from a wide range of 300 meters.

This can be an impressive feature for taking specialized shots. Moreover, the unit comes with high functionality that allows you to connect the camera with other devices and another flash device to work in a group.

The AP-305s comes with a wide range of auto and manual zooming options from 24 to 105 millimeters. The flash comes with coupled TTL capabilities along with auto and manual mode. The body of the flash features a built-in wide-angle diffuser. 

  • GN36
  • Wide-angle diffuser
  • Good zooming capabilities.
  • None.

6.Godox TT350S 


  • Has a GN value of 42, which helps in producing extra light in all conditions
  • The rechargeable battery makes the device more usable. 
  • The LED assistive preview focus and allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED.
  • A memory of function to store the mode that you used last

The MK-420S is a good choice for those who are looking for professional equipment that helps in keeping up with the latest trend in photography. The Meike features a smooth flash head that rotates up to 90 degrees vertically and when it comes to horizontal, the flash round to whole 360 degrees.  

If you are an amateur or even a professional, then this flash is one of the best flashes for Sony A7Riii, the flash changes the direction of the light. It comes with MK420S has an incredible memory function that avoids the settings option in the images. 

The flash lands with the GN value of 42 at ISO 100, so this flash will need an equivalent level of battery to stay awake for longer hours. 

This flash also helps in saving the battery in the longer races and gives you efficient power usage. 

  • With the TTL functionality, the flash is able to produce the right amount of light that is required
  • The short reload of 0.1 to 2.5 seconds.
  • You can flash for around 300 to 1000 times in a single charge.
  • Comes with batteries instead of rechargeable batteries

7.Neewer NW 320 mini TTL


  • Compact design
  • Flexible in both directions vertical and horizontal  
  • LCD with the buttons 
  • Bright LED lights help in shooting in low-light conditions.

Here is another best flash for Sony that stands in the right position because of its features. The flash comes with desirable features like compatibility with a MI HOT SHOE DSLRs and is their mirrorless camera from the Sony series.  This is more device weighs about 150 grams and sets at comfort to the palm which means carrying this flash won’t need any extra effort. 

This camera on so features and LCD buttons on the sideways which makes the operations of flash easy to handle.

The display screen is so clear that you get this see the text and every number even in the brighter daylight. That flexible angle will allow you to bend the flash and absurd positions which is quite useful when you’re shooting at a unique angle.

With the flexible options to bend the flash from 60 degrees to 90 degrees, you can bend the flash at any level.  Another highlighting feature on this flash is the rotation level from – 7 degrees to 90 degrees.

  • Compact design
  • Flexible in both directions vertical and horizontal
  • LCD with the buttons
  • Bright LED lights help in shooting in low-light conditions.
  • Needs more time to recharge the flash
  • The GN Value is low

8.Godox V1-S round head camera


  • Flash duration of 1/3000 to 1/20000 second
  • Recycle time 1.5 seconds
  • A zoom range of 28 to 105mm
  • Flash mode: Hi-speed sync, second curtain sync 

If you’re looking for fancy options other than Sony then here is godox that office amazing features and comes with compatibility with the Sony mirrorless camera series. it’s an affordable option for those looking for less for Sony.

The main feature of this flash is that it comes with an amazing 2.4 Wireless system that allows the transmission of a distance of 100 meters. It offers optic transmission even in the absence of illumination. You can enjoy that TTL function with this flash.

The functions include 1/18000s high-speed synchronization, flash exposure lock modeling flash, auto flash. Flash exposure compensation. 

 The package includes a battery a charger a flash and a mini stand with a protective case  and a cleaning cloth


  • Articulating head for indirect illumination
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Works on camera and off.
  • 1/8000s high-speed sync.
  • Wireless transmission is sold separately
  • The charger works with USB type C cables

9.Neweer HSS TTL nw880s


  • Comes with TTL Auto and manual flash
  • Sync terminal 
  • Works as both master and slave 
  • 4 x NiMH

We can say that flashlights knocked other flashes from the list. The flashlight comes with a binding maximum output of Guide number 60 that is modified in 8 steps.

The flashes need double A batteries that provide up to 230 flashes at maximum power. The recycling time of this flash is between 0.1 and 2.6 good seconds.

 Moreover, the flash comes read hyper-speed synchronization which allows the wide-open apertures while using flash. We get a decent softox with 20 color filters with a bracket in a package. This flash comes with excellent power and gives a good performance

  • Includes a softbox
  • Versatile options for creative use
  • Directions are pretty hard to understand
  • need expensive batteries.



  • Automatic and manual exposure 
  • Sync Terminal 
  • Works as both master and slave

We can say that the Sony HVL is an elder brother of the Sony F60RM and that’s why it needs no introduction. From a strong background history, the Sony HVL F60RM flagship unit is a trustable choice of professional photographers.  

The camera comes with a retina melting feature combined with reliable wireless operations. The high-speed continuous shooting supports the highlight features of this flash.

Moreover, how can we forget to mention that this flash also comes with high-speed sync functioning which means that you can use the faster flash for fast-moving objects and can get a shallow depth of field in bright lighting conditions? 

The flash can handle up to 15 units into 5 groups, the flash runs off 4x AA batteries and provide up to 220 emissions on maximum performance. The flash head is flexible and tilts easily in any scenario with which you can explore unique shooting angles.

The one critique that this flash head faces is that users feel that the shoe mount is firm plastic that tends to break. The wireless functionality allows you to sync from one to one device.

  • 0.6s recycling rate
  • Reliable and flexible
  • High power output
  • Higher price tag
  • Plastic shoe mount
  • Wireless is limited to only one master.

11.Godox Ving V860II-S 


  • Fully support TTL
  • Works on wireless X system 2.4 wireless transmission
  • Max of 1.5s and 650 full power pops

Another best flash for Sony A7Riii, this external flash with updated features and technology that comes suitable for Sony mirrorless camera. 

The Godox Ving V860II-S can control the TTL/ OFF Flash mode/ multi-mode. When the flash is working with the master unit, it can also a slave unit for X1T/X2T/XPRO trigger/Other Godox Flashes

You are getting a higher shutter speed, so that it can cover any moment that reduces the light at larger apertures. The front and rear curtain syncing of this flash allow the users to enjoy the smear effect on the image that enhances creativity. 

This flash can adjust from -7 to 120 degrees, horizontally, the flash can set from 0 degrees to 360 degrees range. The Speedlight features a built-in 2.4 wireless radio system with a covering range of 328 degrees. 

The flash has a max number of flash from 1.5 seconds along with 650 full power full steps

The GN value of this flash is 197 at ISO 100 and 200mm included this feature will make sure that you’ll get a perfect illumination at your targeted subject. 

  • Micro USB port
  • 1/8000s high-speed sync
  • 5mm sync port
  • Multipurpose buttons
  • The attached shoe is made up of plastic.

Buying guide 

As you know, that flash is how much important when you are shooting in low light conditions. It can out a huge difference by improving the quality of the image.

Not it’ll just make the picture quality better but also make your client happier and justifies the pricing. Even, if you are a beginner with a good flash you are just a few steps away from being a professional photographer.

So, when buying the best flash for Sony A7Riii, look closely at the details. Here are some important factors that matter the most in flash. 

Adjustable temperatures

The external flashes are larger devices that use more power. If the flash is capable of handling higher temperatures, it’ll allow the flash to give a better and longer performance.

It’s simple to understand, the hotter the flash, the more difficult it gets for you to hold it. This can be an important factor to those who cover big events or uses the camera for a longer period. 

Recycle Rate 

Well, thinking ahead we are looking for more strategic things that matter in flash, the recycling rate is one of them. If you are going to be shooting daily and clicking photos on daily basis, or your camera will be stuck in one single shooting mode. The fast recycles rate of the flash allows for better a lit quick capture. 

If you capturing the fast-paced objects then get a flash with a recycling time of 0.1 to 2.2 seconds should do the job easily. 


Of course, all the flashes that are listed above in the list are easily compatible with Sony A7Riii and Sony A7iii. We are talking about that the product listed above comes with the ability to get attached to other devices. 

Many of the external flashes work as the master system and control the other flash abilities. 


Now that you are in the market looking for the best flash for Sony A7Riii, we recommend you to buy a good lens at once in which the long terms of use are ensured. Invest in a camera that offers you high functionality and lasts for the long haul. 

Basic flash features

Always look that is all the basic features covered? Consider your photography tone, and factors like the tilting tone, angles, and adjustable temperature before buying the flash.

Remember the post-processing in flash can be a nightmare if the color temperature in changing while shooting the scene. 

Advanced flash features

If you are professional and looking for advanced features like radio syncing to one or more than one camera. So, check out all the advanced features that you are looking for, in your chosen flash. 

GN value 

The Guide Number “GN” value refers to the value that is used to measure the power of the external flash. So, to get a better idea of the power levels you need to get a close look at the GN level of your flash. 

We recommend you try different GN numbers, as it’ll help you in getting better GN numbers. You can have a better idea about what the preferred level is. 

The recommended GN value for Sony A7Riii is 36m/157 ft. this GN value is fine for regular shots. 

In simple words, the GN value can be described as the higher the GN value the more light will be hitting at your object.

 Autofocus Beam 

The autofocus beam and the zoom settings must be well-calibrated with the camera. to get an excellent picture, you need to adjust the flash levels based on the zoom and focus level.

The assist beam is supported with external flash systems. You are also being able to click good-quality photos at a lower rate. 

Wrapping up 

We hope this article on the best flash for Sony A7Riii will help in making the confirmed decision about which flash is best for you.


Q: Do I need a reflector card?

The reflector cards allow you to redirect any form of light from the surroundings onto the object that you are shooting. This allows you to take a brighter picture that gives a natural form of lighting. 

Q: Can I use a USB cable to charge the flash?

Some of the flashes come with the charging support of micro USB of AA batteries, and some other flash batteries built-in rechargeable batteries. Most of the flash uses regular AA batteries and must check the flash before buying it. 

Q: What is the advantage of a wide-angle diffuser?

The wide-angle diffuser allows you to spread the light of the flash and distribute it more evenly across the objects. 

Q: Can I click photos in a quick session using flash?

This depends on the recycling time of your camera. the flash systems come with the designated range of recycling rates. 

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